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    Even though i am reading the documentation for days, i can not figure out where exactly i need to put the conditional formulas. In my example page If customer selects Treatment Plan than the number of teeth should be faded and locked to zero. If they choose a number of teeth with slider than the treatment plan should be faded and locked to zero. I think i understand the formula but no mater how many differnt ways i tried to implement i can not find out exactly where i should put the formula? also hide_element i dont get Custom ID Attribute section. I have conditional settings section. Do I put all formulas in that section? Can you please help.



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    Please note that if you intend to hide some element, then you should add a Custom ID Attribute on it, like this:


    Then conditions should be added to the other element - with values on which the appearance of the element with ID depends.


    In your case, conditions should be on the Select element, but IDs should be on Slider elements.

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