How to add Custom Font to your theme

In order to add custom font to your theme, you need to upload your custom font to the custom-fonts folder on your web server.

Go to \wp-content\themes\your_theme_name\assets\custom-fonts on your web server and create the folder named after your font and upload font ttf and/or woff and/or woff2 files to the folder.

Example - your folder structure should be like this for Great Sejagad font :

|- your_theme_folder
       |- custom-fonts
              |- Great Sejagad
                        |- GreatSejagad.ttf
                        |- GreatSejagad.woff2

Once you do this, The font will be visible in all select boxes throughout wp-admin just as default Google Fonts and you will be able to select it just as any other