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Calculator is not working on mobile


  • Steven Keizer started the conversation

    Hi guys,

    Im almost finished with building my website and now I'm testing the calculator on mobile and to my surprise it is not working in my phone. On desktop everything is working perfect.

    Only the input fields are working, the dropdowns aren't working, the toggles are not working and the submit buttons isn't working as well. I also added a screenshot in the attachment.

    When I turn of the Fast Velocity Minify plugin then it works....

    Do you guys please have a solution for me?

    Kind regards,


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    Support Agent replied


    It seems that the Cost calculator is not compatible with the Fast Velocity Minify plugin. You can try with some other plugin with the same purpose and see if the calculator will work with it. Unfortunately, there is no other solution. If it is a showstopper, please note that we offer a full refund.

    Let us know of the outcome.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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