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Aanpassen kleuren / headline color / buttons color


  • Gunther started the conversation


    I would like to adjust the color of a Headline <Strong> section

    MINI<strong>GOLF</strong> ... so that the strong is nog the theme color, but for this 1 time another color.

    So I have multiple Headline sections where the Bold part must be in the color of the Activity ...

    I also want to do the same thing with the buttons. So please tell where i can do this.

    Kind regards


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    Support Agent 1 replied

    Hi Gunther,

    Thank you for purchasing our theme.

    In order to change the strong tag color for different sections you would need to add extra class name for each of the sections individually.

    Please navigate to the first section in which you want to change the strong text and add class name to the extra class name field:

    Then, please add the following code to the Appearance> Customize> Additional css:

    .strong-color1 .bt_bb_headline .bt_bb_headline_content strong {
        color: red !important;
    Please repeat the process for other sections too, but change the extra class name if you want to use the different color (and also change the code by replacing the first class name with the new one).

    Regarding the buttons, you also need to use extra class name from the section,

    and then add the following code:

    .mu-button1 .bt_bb_button.bt_bb_style_filled a {
        box-shadow: 0 0 0 3em red inset;
    Please change the 'red' to the color according to your needs.

    Also, it is possible to use multiple extra class names in one section, by separating them with spacing.

    Let us know if you need additional assistance.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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