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Footer is Missing


  • Severn Bailey started the conversation

    Hey there let me start by saying I love the them! Two issues though;

    1) I changed the permalink on my footer and for some reason its now disappeared? I've gone into Appearance > Customize > Header and Footer and have reset the footer page to the page I want called "footer" and its still not loading, any way you could help me out here?

    And secondly how do I make the download menu button actually download the menu?


  • Severn Bailey replied

    So I figured out issue number 1!

    I need to still figure out how to make the menu download when you press the download button.

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    Support Agent 1 replied


    Thank you for purchasing our theme, we are glad you like it.smile.png

    If you are referring to BB Button widget, you can simply add the link to the document to the button's URL field.

    Upload the document to your media library, and then copy link path (starting from /wp-content).

    Let us know if you need further assistance.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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