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Google Map on contact page not working


  • Marcus started the conversation

    Why can't I get the Google map working? I got an API key for it.

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    Support Agent 1 replied

    Hi Marcus,

    We've noticed that there is a ApiNotActivatedMapError error on your console:


    Here's how to solve it by enabling the API you’re using.

    1. Go to https://console.developers.google.com/apis/library
    2. Under “Maps”, click “View All” to see all API’s.
    3. Click the API you’re using. Our themes and plugins use the Maps JavaScript API, Maps Static API and Geocoding API. Your product may use something different but the JavaScript API is most common for a website.
    4. Click the Enable button at the top and wait a few minutes for the changes to take effect (Google says changes can take up to 5 minutes).
    5. Repeat for other API’s you’re using (remember, our themes and plugins use the Maps JavaScriptMaps Static and Geocoding API’s).

    Also, please make sure to enable billing.

    In order to enable billing, you will need to provide credit card or billing account to Google Maps platform. You can do so at the link below:


    Based on Google's documentation - you must associate a credit card so that you can get billed if your site has requests that exceed the $200 credit they give you monthly for free.

    You can read more about it on this link under 'Is a credit card or billing account required?':



    Please note that we are in no way associated with Google Maps and their payment system and for any questions and issues regarding payments and billing you will need to contact them.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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