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  • Tanya Pestana started the conversation


    How can I go about providing custom dimensions to Sliders?

    Selecting the 'Full' size option in Bold Builder still populates a dimension of 1920 x 920 stretching the images I wish to load.

    The Dimension I want is 1920 x 860


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    Support Agent replied


    The height of the individual slides are based on the content of the slides - the more the content, the taller the individual slide. If you set the size property of the Slider on Home Page to Auto, this setting causes resizing of each slide based on its individual height. If you change the setting to Keep height - it will force the same height (of the tallest slide) on all slides. Also you can use Half screen and Full screen options with their limitations, but you can not use other heights for slider.

    Thanks for understanding.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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