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Question about design/ close icon/ one page


  • Martín Santamaría started the conversation

    Hi, how are u? 

    This is my question: When I open the menú of my web (www.chelato.com.uy/provisoria) in a computer, it work´s perfectlly, but when I open it in the mobile version, I select the part of the web where I want to go and the cross to close the menú stays in the top of the web, so I cant close it and see the content. Is there a way to move the cross to the point where the user is navegating or fix it? Thanks

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    Support Agent 1 replied

    Hi Martin,

    Thank you for purchasing our theme!smile.png

    Please note that in order to have close icon available while scrolling you would need to enable Sticky Header in Appearance> Customize> Header and Footer:


    If you prefer not to use Sticky header you could try using some third party plugin and add 'Back to top' button.

    Let us know if you need additional assistance.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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