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Hiding Social Media on Single Product Page


  • Travis started the conversation

    I am trying to use the override global settings feature to turn off the social media links on the single product page for woocommerce.  I learned of this from the documentation....


    Settings Page Slug

    [shop_settings_page_slug] <page slug>

    Shopscape has a unique way of enabling you to create custom templates for individual product pages. You can create a static page, add content to it and set desired global settings overrides. Then you can use it as a template for individual product pages.

    The field Setting page slug should contain the slug of your page which serves as a template for WooCommerce products. Once you add the slug to this field, all shop items will inherit settings and shortcodes of the referenced page.                                                    

    So, in order to change template elements on individual product pages, please locate the page with the slug entered in Settings Page Slug field and edit it.


    I have attached a pdf of my attempt.  Perhaps you can tell me what I am doing wrong.  I hoped to set up a template page and then use the settings there to apply to all current products.  I tried all social media at first but in this picture you can see FB is shown.  Still facebook shows up on the product page.  I can overwrite the woocommerce page but was hoping you might be able to clarify why I can't get this working.



    Attached files:  no-social-media-please.pdf

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    Support Agent replied

    Hi Travis,

    In order to remove social media icons from single products, please go to Appearance >Customize >Shop, and deselect the icons you don't want to show.

    Let us know if this helped.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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