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  • Luca Brentegani started the conversation

    Good day and thanks for the help.

    I need to ask two questions:
    1 - My client asks me to insert background music that starts in autoplay. I've tried some solutions but I can't get it to start automatically. It would be great if the song could also be heard on different pages, without interrupting the link between one page and another.
    2 - Always for the same site I would need to make a slider on the header. I saw that it is not in the demo pages. It's possible?

    I forgot ... I will use WPML to make a multilingual site. Is it compatible right?

    P.S. - When the site is finished I will move it to its final location.

    Thanks for your help.

    Good day.
    Luca Brentegani

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    Support Agent replied


    1. Background background music is not possible, especially music that is not interrupted while you're surfing the site.

    2. Unfortunately, slider cannot be added in header. However, you can add a new section below the header, and put slider in the section.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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