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    When I try demo import. 

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    Hi Sebban,

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    It is possible that demo is still being imported, it just takes longer time due to the server settings. When you try to import demo, open Media Library in another tab, and see if images are being uploaded. If so, demo will import, it might just take some time.

    Each time the error appears, stop the import, go to Media Library, remove empty thumbnails, and then try importing demo again.

    Repeat the process till demo is fully imported.

    Also, if the issue persists - please refer to following info on how to increase memory and script timeout time:

    Memory increase: 

    1. If you have access to your PHP.ini file, change the line in PHP.ini If your line shows 32M try 64M or 128M: memory_limit = 64M ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (64MB) 

    2. If you don't have access to PHP.ini try adding this to an .htaccess file: php_value memory_limit 64M 

    3. Try adding this line to your wp-config.php file: Increasing memory allocated to PHP define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '64M');

    Script timeout:

    If you have access to edit your php.ini, it is recommended that you increase the value of max_execution_time to 900 (15 minutes).

    Let us know if you need additional help.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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