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adding Latinext attribute


  • Mehmet Ali started the conversation


    Which fonts do you use as default? I want to add latinext attribute to these fonts. How to do that.


    Mehmet Ali Erbaş

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    Support Agent 1 replied

    Hi Mehmet,

    We've used several different fonts throughout the demos. For example, Transport Company demo is using Lato and Raleway fonts.

    Please note that many Google fonts support Basic Latin repertoire only, this covers e.g. ü but not the Turkish letters which need latin extended support.

    Some font families don't support special symbols. Please navigate to Appearance> Customize> General settings and locate the font that supports the needed characters.

    You could try Duru Sans, Alegreya Sans SC, PT Serif...

    Let us know if you need additional assistance.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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