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Not compatible with Yoast


  • Daniel started the conversation

    Hi I am using yoast SEO but it doesn't seem to be compatible with some things such as internal links, I have quite a lot of buttons on my home page but yoast hasn't picked it up as internal links. Also img alt attributes don't work, I changed the alt tags on some images on the homepage but still don't work.

    Please help me on this

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    BoldThemes replied

    Hi Daniel,

    There is nothing much we can do related to links and the way YOAST treats them - the best option is to contact the YOAST authors and check what can be the issue with internal links - the options on the side of the theme are quite limited in that sense.

    Related to the alt tag, please tell which images on the home page cause the issue?

    Thanks in advance.  

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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