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Header Logo resize dimension


  • Mahsa started the conversation

    Dear Support team,

    I am facing an issue regarding to make my logo larger on my  web site , changing the dimension of my PNG did not work, also as I checked in site documentation, changing the logo height in the header did not work as well. I even tried changing the header.css to: 

    .btLogoArea {
     .logo {
     pointer-events: all;
     .btMenuVertical & { transform: none !important; }
     line-height: 0;
     float: left;
     .rtl & {float: right;}
     img {
     height: math($(logoHeight))px;
     margin: math($(logoHeight)/4)px 0;
     width: auto;
     display: block;
     .btMenuVertical & {
     height: math($(logoHeight)*0.6)px;
     .btMenuCenter & {
     margin: auto;
     img.btAltLogo {
     display: none;
     .btMenuVertical & {
     width: auto !important;
     transform: none !important;
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    Support Agent 1 replied

    Hi Mahsa,

    Please note that we don't recommend editing the files directly. In order to customize the theme according to your needs please add Custom css codes to the Appearance> Customize> Additional css:

    In order to increase the size of the logo please add the following code to the Appearance> Customize> Additional css:

    .btLogoArea .logo img {
        height: 76px;

    Please adjust the height according to your needs.
    Let us know if you need additional assistance.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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