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How to Use Calculator


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    Hussein started the conversation


    I bought the Cargo theme, which comes built in with the Cost Calculator.  I have found out how to edit the names of the different variables, but i do not know how to change the formula for calculation.

    I have searched online and found that there should be a panel for setting for the cost calculator, but i do not have it on my site.

    Please advise how i can change the formula and data accordingly.


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    Support Agent 1 replied


    Thanks for purchasing Cargo theme.

    We are sending you the .pdf theme documentation file which can help you to get to know Cost Calculator. Please note: the attached documentation is explained for users which are not using our theme, but Cost Calculator itselfs and Visual Composer as a page builder - but the process of building Cost Calculator is the same.

    If you have installed demo content, here is the explanation about JS Pseudo code from Cost Calculator Group:

    k = $1*$2*$3/5000;
    z = $4;
    d = $5;
    ins = $7;
    tog = $6;
    w = z >k?z:k;
    p = dd*(200 + w*d/1000);
    final = p*ins*tog;
    return final;

    And here is the screeshot with explanation:

    We are hoping that this will help you with customization of your site.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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