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Additionnal case


  • Sony started the conversation

    Hi guys,

    I wish I could add new fields when I move the cursor of the bar. In the idea; every time I add a notch in the slide it would add an extra field.

    Can you help me ?

    A small comment on your solution that I discover. This "conditional" part is not intuitive enough compared for example to caldera forms which is free and easier to handle.



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    Support Agent replied

    Hi Sony,

    Thank you for purchasing our plugin.

    Unfortunately, at the moment, using conditional is the only option to have fields displayed or hidden depending on the amount selected in another field.

    What you would need to do is add custom ID to each of those hidden fields, and then in slider item, add conditional, when each field will be visible.

    You can find detailed instructions on how to use conditionals in our online documentation.

    Let us know if you need additional help.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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