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  • Nathan Nelson started the conversation

    I am using the paypal feature with a form which uses the cost group calculator. When using the group calc, it uses the label field for the description at checkout. Some of our forms contain quite a few options and the intention was to use the PayPal order to determine which options had been selected on the form. Is there a way of displaying the order or some way of reviewing it after submission? If not, there's no way of knowing exactly what the payment is for.

    Many thanks,

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    Support Agent replied

    Hi Nathan,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to get the info from the calculator when using PayPal. Once the users click on the PayPal button, they are redirected directly to payment options, and the info you get about the payment is from PayPal, and not directly from Cost Calculator.

    In order to get the info about the selected fields, you'd need to use our default form or Contact form 7.

    Let us know if you need help with anything else.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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