How to add custom icon font to the theme


This requires customization of several theme files. 

First of all you need to import your font file. Please take a look at the top of style.cargo.css file and you will find @font-face declaration. You need to import your own font files in the same manner as FontAwesome and the rest and declare the font-family as, for example 'myFont'.

Then you need to search for all 'data-ico-fa' in the style.cargo.css file and create respective statements for your font. For example when you locate

.btIco .btIcoHolder[data-ico-fa]:before{font-family:FontAwesome;content:attr(data-ico-fa)}

you need to create 

.btIco .btIcoHolder[data-ico-mf]:before{font-family:myFont;content:attr(data-ico-mf)}

Please make sure to find all occurrences of data-ico-fa and create respective data-ico-mf statements.

Then, you need to create new file in cargo plugin folder called bt_mf_icons.php by copying the file bt_fa_icons.php and changing it by mapping your glyph codes:

function bt_mf_icons() {
 $arr = array(
 '  ' => 'no_icon', 
 'myname1 (mf)' => 'mf_' . 'xxxx',
 'myname2 (mf)' => 'mf_' . 'xxxx',

Finally, you need to edit cargo.php in your plugin's folder: 

search for bt_fa_icons.php and add equivalent statements for bt_mf_icons.php:

if ( ! function_exists( 'bt_mf_icons' ) ) {
 require_once( 'bt_mf_icons.php' );

then search for bt_fa_icons() and add respective statements for bt_mf_icons() as well - change all occurrences of 

$icon_arr = array_merge( bt_fa_icons(), bt_s7_icons(), bt_custom_icons() );


$icon_arr = array_merge( bt_fa_icons(), bt_mf_icons(), bt_s7_icons(), bt_custom_icons() );