Important notice!

We have released an important security update for Bold Builder on August 23, 2019 - please make sure that your Bold Builder installation is updated to the latest version - 2.3.2.

You can update Bold Builder by going to Plugins panel of your wp-admin and by checking the version number next to Bold Builder. If you are offered the option to update it, please do it.

If your version number is lower than 2.3.2 and you have no notification to update it, please download the latest version from and update the plugin manually.

If you need help in the process, please feel free to leave a ticket and we will assist you.


Importing Demo

The best way to start is to install demo content. If you want to install demo content please do the following:

Go to ‘Tools > Import > WordPress’ and install WordPress Importer plugin if it is not already installed.


When it is installed, choose xml file from demo_data folder and click ‘Upload file and import’. On the following screen make sure that ‘Download and import file attachments’ is checked. Click ‘Submit’ button and wait until import is finished.

You should see imported demo calculators in Cost Calculator panel.