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Woocommerce integration


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    I would like to know if a more direct integration with Woocommerce can be made, different than the Booking link field at the end of the Tours option fields or if there another way to allow the customers to directly pay for their reservations instead of filling a contact form?


    Stefan Dimov

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    You can define the book now target url (in order to replace the default behaviour of displaying the booking form in a modal div). This allows you to define respective products in WooCommerce and redirect the user to a specific product page related to that Tour. Or to use third party, external booking system.


    Have a look at example below:

    If you have tour with name MY TOUR, you should make specific product page related to that tour with name MY TOUR PRODUCT:


    Then url of MY TOUR PRODUCT page enter to Booking link field on single tour MY TOUR:


    That way, after click on button Book this tour customer will be redirected to  My tour product page with all Woocommerce functionality.

    Let us know if that helped.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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