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change font size


  • Salvatore started the conversation

    Hi, I need to change the font size for the news title on the home page (under the slider). How can I do? also when I enter the news, I would need to insert a background on hide, because it is empty.

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    Support Agent 1 replied

    Hi Salvatore,

    Please add an Extra class name to the section with Masonry post grid element e.g. mysection like this:


    Then add the following CSS code to Appearance> Customize> Additional CSS:

    .mysection .bt_bb_masonry_post_grid.bt_bb_look_image_above .bt_bb_masonry_post_grid_content
    .bt_bb_grid_item .bt_bb_grid_item_post_content:after {
        background: white;
    .mysection .bt_bb_masonry_post_grid .bt_bb_masonry_post_grid_content
     .bt_bb_grid_item .bt_bb_grid_item_post_content .bt_bb_grid_item_post_title{

    Adjust px to your needs.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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