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editing footer text and logos.


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    I need to edit the footer text and logos. Also need to implement some theme options from hairdresser home page to the spa and wellness homepage. 

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    Hi Ajilan,

    Thank you for purchasing our theme!smile.png

    All those elements are part of the content within Footer page. Please navigate to Pages> All pages list, locate Footer page and edit the content according to your needs:


    You can edit Custom menu element and use desired menu, which can be edited in Appearance> Menus.

    Also, as you can see some of the elements include hidden classes which indicates that those elements are hidden on those specific devices. Those options can be controlled via Responsive tab.

    Regarding home page variations, you can use options from Haidresser homepage and add those options to Appearance> Customize, as that way those settings would affect your entire website.

    Please note that Override Global settings are used on some of the homepages - in order to show home page variations. 

    Here is how the Setting generally work:

    The settings in the Appearance > Customize panel are global, meaning that they influence every page on the site by default.

    On the other hand, you have an option to override these settings on per page basis. If you take a look at the bottom of the page edit form, you will notice Override Global Setting part in Settings Section – here you can override global settings for every page.

    Should you want to achieve the same design on all pages throughout your website you would need to copy all the settings from desired homepage and add the same settings in Appearance> Customize.

    Please refer to this article:

    How to choose Home page version?

    Regarding other issues / questions you have, please open a new ticket for each one of them. It helps us to better organize all the tickets and customer's issues.

    Thanks in advance.smile.png

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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