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  • Jasna started the conversation

    In the 'Tours' part of the Primary menu, there are sub items called: 'By Category', 'By Destination', 'By Tag'. These correspond to: Tour Categories, Tour Destinations and Tour Tags.

    When these are selected on the site, they seem to be 'hard-coded' to a specific category (family-holidays), destination and tag - please see screenshot

    There also does not seem to be a way to add more of these menu sub-items of the specified type, all I can add are menu items of standard type (page, custom links, posts, categories) - please see screenshot

    So, how would I go about adding menu items to enable me to allow the user to select tours by various categories?

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    Support Agent replied

    Hi Jasna,

    Thank you for purchasing our theme.

    In order to see all available menu Items, please navigate to Appearance> Menus and check items under the Screen options button:


    Then you will see them:


    Let us know if you need additional assistance.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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  • Jasna replied

    Thank you, that solved my issue