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    I have 2 different locations on a single map and I would like to not having info block showing up by default, only the markers. The infos for each location should be accessible only when you click on the respective marker. I've tried to remove info such as image and title (leaving the "Goggle map location" element empty, with only coordinates) but the map doesn't show any more. Is it possible to do this (having only markers by default) and if so, which files need to be modify?

    Thank you for support



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    Support Agent replied

    Hi Thomas,

    Unfortunately, the theme doesn't have that functionality out of the box.

    You would need to to customize the theme in order to achieve that, and unfortunately we cannot provide support for that kind of customization.

    You could try using third party plugin that allows for multiple markers without location info on the side.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Regards, BoldThemes team

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